PanoSalado 2, the Flash 10 based panorama viewer

PanoSalado 2 ("PS2") is a slim, fast and extensible engine for delivering single-node or multi-node ("virtual tour") 360° panoramas, and is written entirely for Flash 10+. Its feature set includes all the usual suspect functionalities, and can be extended easily in a modular fashion via the MVC paradigm. Out of the box, PS2 will also display tiled ('multi-resolution') panoramas in various tile schemas.

PanoSalado 2 is written and maintained by Zephyr Renner & Michael Rondinelli and cheerleaded by Patrick Cheatham.


PanoSalado 2 and its sourcecode is released under the  GPL License.


See the  downloads page for the most current releases.


 ASDoc style information is included in the release download for PanoSalado 2.

Blog, Forums and Help

Currently, this is the official support site for PanoSalado?.

Additional info & Downloads

Also available are an  Equirectangular-to-Cubic converter and  Cubic-to-Tiled converter for creating PS2 compatible tiled panoramas (both Java based apps).


The developers would like to thank  IVRPA and Aldo Hoeben for giving PanoSalado 2 a permanent home at the IVRPA site.